welcome to GenderLines


Turns out I should’ve done my homework a bit better. See, this is not my first blog about gender-variance, transsexuality and the like, but it turned out that my first attempt, en.gender, already existed.

Which sucked, but what can you do.

So I took a few days to reorganise and regroup, look for a name I was almost 100% ( ~_^ )sure hasn’t been taken, and came up with GenderLines. I’ve got some new material ready for posting, and I’ll be reposting all the old stuff from en.gender as well over the next week or so.

So for those of you who frequented en.gender, thank you, and I apologise for the inconvenience. Please bear with me when I post stuff you’ve read, but do have a look since I’ve done a fair bit of clean-up and housekeeping, especially in the more factual essays such as those dealing with prevalence, etiology and the like.

And if you do get a chance, visit the original en|gender, which is the blog of Helen Boyd. She authored My Husband Betty, and she’s a huge supporter and spokesperson for the rights of gender variant people. Well worth a visit. ^_^

Thanks, and sorry again all!



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