when the hormones dry up


I have on occasion been accused of a slight case of paranoia. I’ve even been called a “chicken little” once or twice in my life. Now this is understandable, since my particular way of dealing with dysphoria before I came out was to latch onto anything that might change the world FOR me. Pole Shift? Oh I’m there! Apocalyptic Alignment of Planets. Bring it on! I ran off into the wilderness no more than three times, intent to find solitude amongst the beasts, the birds and … well, you get the idea. I was nuts.


It did leave me with a very well-developed sense of “Things are going pear-shaped here”, and it’s true what they say: Someday the sky really is gonna fall. So with climate change looming and peak oil knocking on the door and collapsing economies all over the place, my thoughts turn once again to the single most important consideration on the planet: WHAT ABOUT MY HORMONES?!?!

Call it paranoia, but I have sleepless nights thinking about the drug companies folding or distribution channels collapsing or, or, or, and until I have some kind of alternative I can fixate on, this is going to keep happening.

Now, I’ve read up on herbals, and they’re kinda … iffy, it would seem, though I’d love to be corrected. The more serious idea I’ve been toying with is, well, why not just make my own? I mean, they synthesise Oestrogen and Progesterone from soya and yams! I don’t know about Testosterone, but I’m sure that’s synthesised from, well something too! How hard could it be?! I mean, if a compounding pharmacist can do it, why not me! …

Ah Mina, shoulda stayed in that advanced biochem class huh?

So, let’s put the hypothetical out there, put yourself in my paranoid-delusional shoes for a moment and consider how you would deal if the HRT dried up? There’s a wiiiiide open comments section down below ladies, gentlemen and others. Please fill it.

Oooooh. Better yet. Any chemist/botanists out there who’d like to undertake a wee project? (^_^)



5 Responses to “when the hormones dry up”

  1. Jane Says:

    Yech. I can’t imagine what that would be like but if it happened, I’d probably continue being myself, just very sad. Now if it happened at the same time as the Zombie Apocalypse… 😛

  2. Mina Magpie Says:

    Well I won’t go down without a fight. I’ll just start living on liquorice and black cohosh or something. ~_^

    And hahahaha. I don’t know why, but I find zombies … kinda cool. Does that make me a bad person?


  3. Jane Says:

    Yeah I don’t know… herbals can’t compete with the blue light fantastic of synthesized estradiol but they are better than total deprivation 🙂

  4. Vascuous Says:

    This almost sounds like a discussion on vampirism and living on animal blood instead of human blood. ^_^ Though in all seriousness perhaps it should be researched. Especially if it’s conversely possible to make it _cheaper_. I think if we can find the molecular structure of the necessary hormones it shouldn’t be all _that_ difficult. Just a little chemistry, and then some biochemistry, and voila instant blood… err I mean hormonal substitute. ^_^

    No, that doesn’t make you a bad person at _all_. Just one who has a strange fascination with smelly dirty decomposing bodies. You would have been a bad person though if you mentioned _anything_ about necrophilia though. 😛 I don’t like zombies though, vampires, psychopathic bloodied murderers, werewolves, Alma, all that can still fly without any problem from me. But zombies and clowns are creeeeeepy. O_O

  5. Mina Magpie Says:

    LOL. I need bloooood. I Need! I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!

    Hehe. I have an unhealthy fascination with werewolves and vampires and zombies and stuff. My goth side creeping out. ^_^ Psychopathic murderers though, them I have issues with. They’re interesting to understand though.

    Clowns are freaky as all hell though. They are an abomination that should not exist. *shudder* … ~_^


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