the old and the new


So I haven’t written in a while … okay, a LONG while. A lot has been changing in my life, not always for the better, but if I’m going to be honest, mostly my own fault. And yeah, I’ve just not had the time, or really the energy to maintain this blog.

I’ve started realizing though that I do need it, though perhaps not in entirely the same shape or format as before. In the past, I needed to come to terms with my trans status, and a big part of that involved doing research and getting to a place of acceptance based on science, philosophy and the ways in which other cultures and individuals have approached gender issues. I’ve moved past that place in my life to a large degree, though I’d still like to maintain this blog as a resource, but over the last while I’ve really started to need a place where I can just … talk about things. Things that perhaps I’ve been too afraid to confront or expose in the past.

So I’m going to start blogging again, but with a change in focus, more on my personal journey than on all the stuff I’d been doing here in the past (though I won’t stop doing research and writing about it) I do hope that those of you who’ve been reading genderlines since I started it will stick around. Hopefully, while the focus changes, I’ll still be putting enough useful stuff on here that it’s worth your while.



One Response to “the old and the new”

  1. Jade Says:

    Ja, OK, so? We’re waiting… 😛

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