GenderLines is a collection of personal writings, opinions and observations around gender-variance, or transsexuality, or transgenderism if you will, mixed in with more technical investigations into what causes people to be gender variant, how widely they occur, the processes one follows to transition, etc. Genderlines will also touch on the topics of intersex, same-sex attraction and other issues on occasion, as I feel there are quite convincing arguments to show that they are all closely related.

I am transsexual myself, currently transitioning from male to female, and in many ways this is my attempt to understand myself. The “why” of things has always been important to me, and I tend to spend an inordinate amount of time reading about life instead of living it. Oh well, at least my digging has given me a better idea of why I was born this way, of how it has shaped my life and affected that of people close to me, and in sharing what I’ve learned, I hope you will derive some of that same benefit.



2 Responses to “about”

  1. Zoe Brain Says:

    Good Luck. And remember, you’re not alone.

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