[GenderDynamix] Trans Healthcare Survey (2009, GenderDynamix)

Over the years Gender DynamiX has been mandated, by the transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming constituents that we work with, to try and work with relevant stake holders to improve access to medical services and the level of services offered. This was one of the highest priorities expressed in a survey run last year by Gender DynamiX. It has also been an express request from the vast majority of queries we get from people accessing our services either on the web or via phone calls, emails, and visits and at conferences or seminars.

In an effort to meet this need we have appointed a person to do research into these services. To begin with we would like to firstly get an idea of the perceptions and feelings from the transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming community about their experiences with regards to access to health care services.


If you’re a South African or live in South Africa please consider completing this survey. An organisation like GDX can only make an impact if it has good data to work from. This is the stuff that convinces leaders, wins grant money, and changes laws.